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General Information

Why are cichlids so colorful? Well, cichlids came from saltwater and adapted to freshwater. When keeping cichlids you should have some salt in there.

A red oscar

Oscars are NW cichlids and should NOT be kept with African cichlids. No matter what you heard african cichlids are much more aggressive than NW cichlids.


African cichlids come from different lakes. One being the Malawian Cichlids and the Tanganyikan Cichlids. When keeping african cichlids DO NOT keep cichlids from one lake with cichlids in the other lakes. The cichlids would end up killing each other.

Peacock Cichlids

     One cichlids I will tell you about is the peacock cichlid. It comes in a lot of different colors. It is a Malawian Cichlid and can be yellow, gold, red , or blue. All peacocks grow to be 6 inches and are semi-aggressive. They should be in tanks 30 gallons or more. They should not be in tanks with New World cichlids. The water temp should be 72-80 degrees. Peacocks should be kept with other lake malawian cichlids or african catfish.

Fronsta Cichlid

     This cichlid is a cichlid which can get to be 1 foot and 2 inches. It should be kept in tanks 50 gallons or higher. It is semi-aggressive and is tank raised. This fish should be kept iwth Lake Malawi Cichlids and again African Catfish.

A Fronsta Cichlid

A african cichlid with a bump on its head!

A Red Peacock Cichlid.

One of the many colors of the peacock cichlid!