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     Oscars can grow to be 15 inches long. They are very aggresive and terratorial. Oscars should only live with other cichlids. Oscars are very messy eaters and might eat your other small fish. Be careful with oscars. They need a lot of room to swim around. 

Firemouth Cichlids & Angelfish

Firemouth cichlids breed very often and dig holes in the gravel to lay eggs. When having these fish, make sure to offer a cave or two for thme to hide.

Angelfish are the most peaceful cichlid. Theses fish can be terratorial when not having a lot of room. Some other cichlids should not be with angelfish becuase they nip fins. Angelfish should not be kept will tetras or barbs for those type of fish are fin nippers

Parrot Cichlids

Parrot Cichlids are tank raised ad cannot close their mouths. They grow o be 8 inches and need at least 30 gallons of water. They shouldn't be kept with other cichlids no matter how aggressive yours is. You see, Parrot Cichlids cannot fight back because of its mouth.

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